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420-friendly sugar daddies meet sugar babies through new dating app… to get #highaf

Launching today, dating app 420SugarBabies provides sugar daddies and mommies (!) a way to find smoking (pun intented) hot sugar babies and vice versa. Why?! So they can get baked and contemplate about how we’re just a tiny speck of dust in this universe, of course! And not to mention have a super ‘schwifty’ discussion on the latest episode of Rick and Morty.

420SugarBabies is the only sugar daddy dating service, catering specifically to the crowd that likes to get high in style. And thanks to cannabis legalization and the wealth it creates, this crowd is growing fast! Why use that disgusting, ‘brown goo’-coated, epic fail of a bong, if you can get a better and tastier experience, passing around a selection of top-shelf herbs in 24K gold-plated vaporizers… while flying in a freakin’ private jet… watching Rick and Morty, right? Okay, we might have pushed things a bit far here, but you get the point.

Through 420SugarBabies, members can connect with each other based on criteria that matter to them. Such as their favorite way(s) to get high and whether they grow their own medicine or not. And the mobile app offers a location-based, swipe-style matchmaking feature as well. Hmm… there’s much more, but for some reason we’re currently unable to remember each and every single feature right now. So, to make things easy, 420SugarBabies offers all the features one might expect from a contemporary dating app.

About 420SugarBabies:
420SugarBabies aims to connect cannasseurs, a demographic overlooked by other sugar daddy dating services. The average cannasseur is quite the opposite of the stereotypical, lazy stoner, proving that a successful life and cannabis easily go hand in hand.

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